BBQ Accessories

It's the little things that count!

Special smoke aromas or the right grilling tool for fish, pulled pork and poultry: Our grilling accessories are at least as diverse as your hunger for grilling.

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Barbecue Accessories

You don't want to BBQ without these..

Are you still missing the right grill tongs, a stainless steel cleaner or a smoker box for very special aromas for your new grill? You're guaranteed to find the right products for easy preparation, grill grates, smoking accessories and lighting.

Cooking System

Whether wok, pizza stone or grill plate for small items to be grilled: Thanks to the Modulus system, you can simply choose the right module and insert it into your grill quickly and easily - this is how you create a grill surface exactly as you need it.

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BBQ Tools

Whether it’s barbecue tongs, poultry shears or a burger press – a lot is easier with the right accessories. With a marinade syringe you can z. For example, you can dose it better, cut the meat better with the Pulled Pork claws and make the side dishes even more appetizing with a vegetable basket.

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Cooking Grills

Cast iron grates retain heat longer than other materials, so you can grill faster. Stainless steel does not rust, is less likely to get dirty and is easier to clean. And with the Modulus grill grate system, you can rebuild your grill just the way you need it.

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Smoking Accessories

You can give your food to be grilled an additional, very special aroma, e.g. B. Use apple, whiskey or cherry smoking chips. We also have a smoking box and a smoking plank in our range - just have a look

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Easier with the chimney starter, in the classic way with charcoal or naturally with kindling wool: ignite your fire however you want. Here you will find all the kindling aids you can think of - of course in the usual high LANDMANN quality.

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Barbecue accessories: Make more of your barbecue

We as experts know that it's not all down to the barbecue. High-quality barbecue accessories are just as vital for perfect cooking and for enjoying the whole experience. Our range includes the basics like barbecue utensils as well as extra equipment specifically designed for LANDMANN barbecues. They’ll allow you to do more. For example, there’s the Modulus grill rack system for our gas barbecues. What’s clever about it is that it has a removable middle segment which you can replace with a suitable pizza stone or grill plate, for example. Or how about a barbecue wok? Surprise your guests by serving Asian dishes, cooked on the gas barbecue or over glowing charcoal. And if you swear by traditional options when it comes to barbecue food, you’ll find that LANDMANN offers special holders for spare ribs and chicken legs. These barbecue accessories make cooking very easy and ensure even browning.

BBQ accessories: The temperature makes the difference

An original American BBQ is renowned for two things: the authentic smoky flavour and the very tender and juicy meat. Neither of these happens by accident. Fortunately, modern technology means you no longer need years of BBQ experience to achieve perfect results. The digital thermometers from LANDMANN allow you to measure the core temperature of steaks, for example, to get the optimum level of cooking. Medium rare means, for example, a temperature of 53 to 57 degrees Celsius. This BBQ accessory spells the end of having to guess whether the meat is still pink or is already overcooked. And smoking chips which are matched to the barbecue food create a very distinctive smoky flavour. For example, the intense aroma of oak is great for beef, while cherry wood is the perfect match for poultry.

Essential: High-quality barbecue utensils

Using normal kitchen cutlery for your barbecue? You should only do this as a last resort – and even then you need to be careful because of the high temperatures. Essential barbecue utensils include barbecue tongs so you can turn the food safely and easily. If you want to cook fish, the easiest way to do this is to use a special fish slice. It prevents the fish from sticking to the rack and falling out. If you’d like to prepare vegetables, you have two options. Option one: You stick the pieces on a skewer. Option two: You use a vegetable basket as an accessory for grilling. This can also hold smaller vegetable slices – and is therefore also perfect for preparing side dishes. And if you like grilling burgers, a hamburger press is a great choice. Not only does it instantly shape the patties, but they also get a ridged surface for a shorter cooking time.

More barbecue accessories from LANDMANN

With the traditional charcoal method: First you light the barbecue by hand, then you grill. And the best way to do this is using firelighter wool made from ecologically grown wood from LANDMANN. In contrast to chemical lighters, this is completely harmless. You can also use a chimney starter to speed up the process. For safety reasons, you’re also advised to wear tough barbecue gloves to protect your hands from the heat from the glowing charcoal. Barbecue accessories for caring for and storing your barbecue complete our range. They include barbecue brushes for giving grill racks a thorough clean. Weatherproof covers are also essential. They’re specifically customised to suit our different barbecues and provide optimum protection from rain and moisture. Have you already got all your barbecue equipment? Explore LANDMANN now to find high-quality barbecue accessories and everything else you need to enjoy the perfect barbecue!