BBQ Care & Protection

Even a grill needs some loving!

A barbecue should give you lots of fun and last a long time: This will only happen if you care for it regularly and with the right products, clean the grill racks and keep it dry with a weatherproof cover.

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Barbecue care & protection

What your barbecue likes

Luckily, barbecues only need a little bit of care. Gas barbecues require a little more maintenance than charcoal barbecues, for example. But thorough cleaning and protection from the effects of the weather will lead to a longer life and better barbecue experiences with every model.


Just like a car, a barbecue also needs to be maintained so you can keep enjoying it for a long time. For example, grill racks should be cleaned with a special cleaner, as should the stainless steel surfaces. If there’s a lot of stubborn encrusted food, the right brush can quickly make everything smooth and shiny again.

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Weatherproof covers

A weatherproof cover will keep your barbecue looking new for longer and also dry rather than getting wet, damp and mouldy when it rains. This will not only make your next barbecue easier because you won’t have to clean everything first, but also much more appetising.

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