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Kettle barbecues are well-rounded – in every respect. The characteristic shape delivers functional benefits such as optimum heat distribution. The charcoal kettle barbecues from LANDMANN also benefit from clever detailed touches and high-quality materials. This makes them the perfect choice for years of fun barbecues.

Kettle BBQ 43cm
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Kettle BBQ 43cm

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Kettle BBQ 53.5cm

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Kettle BBQ 41.5cm

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Mini Kettle


Simple, yet great

Kettle barbecues: Extremely versatile

The basic principle of kettle barbecues is simple: The bottom half is for the fuel and the grill rack. The top half acts as a lid. This means you can grill directly or indirectly, with the lid open or closed, as required.

Direct grilling on the kettle barbecue

Do you want to cook food that takes a short time to cook such as hamburgers or steaks? Then give direct grilling a try. This is where the lid of the kettle barbecue remains open and the pieces of meat are placed on the rack directly over the hot embers. The hot heat produces a lovely crust, but at the same time the quick cooking keeps the meat nice and juicy.

Indirect grilling on the kettle barbecue

With indirect grilling the lid remains closed. The charcoal is not directly beneath the food on the barbecue. Some of our kettle barbecues have practical charcoal dividers or baskets to facilitate this. Otherwise you can divide it up with an aluminium bowl. The lower temperature and even heat are ideal for larger pieces of meat, but also for spare ribs.

Kettle barbecues for home and on the go

Barbecuing is not tied to one place, but is fun to do anywhere. This is why we offer our charcoal kettle barbecues in different sizes. The classic models from the Kepler range are perfect for use in the garden or on the patio at home. With a diameter of more than 50 centimetres, they provide plenty of space for the food you want to cook. So it’s not a problem if friends or neighbours want to join you and your family for a barbecue. These models are equipped with practical wheels to make them easy to transport around.

If you’re looking for a fully mobile model to travel around with, a Piccolino charcoal kettle barbecue is the perfect choice. It has rubberised clips which secure the lid during transport. Barbecue tongs which are also supplied fit on one of the three legs if you’re moving location. And whether you opt for big or small: Their ease of use, clever detailed touches and versatility make kettle barbecues a very popular choice for both first-time and experienced barbecuers.

Features from basic to luxury

When it comes to barbecues, people's aspirations and budgets are very different. This is why with the great LANDMANN charcoal kettle barbecues you can choose between different specifications. Our basic models offer an extremely cheap way to start exploring the world of barbecuing. They have all the features you need – from a thermometer in the lid, a ventilation disc for regulating the air flow, to an essential grill rack.

Are you an experienced barbecuer who appreciates really high-quality materials and extra features? As an example, our top models boast enamelled cast-iron racks. They combine even heat distribution with being non-corrosive. In addition, the rack can easily be flipped up to add more charcoal. Talking of charcoal: If you want to grill indirectly, the stainless steel charcoal baskets or dividers that are also supplied will help. Another convenient feature is a chimney draft which, in combination with the ventilation disc, allows better control of the flow of air. And what about cleaning when the barbecue is over? This is extremely easy thanks to an ash pan. The range of charcoal kettle barbecues in the LANDMANN online shop caters for all wishes. Find the perfect model to suit you and your barbecue plans right now!

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