Selection Smoker Box

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  • Stainless steel construction
  • For smoking with wood chips, wood pellets or wood dust
  • Sturdy handles for use with barbecue mittens/gloves
  • Use to add a aromatic smoke flavour to meats and vegetables
  • Capacity approx. 700ml
Want that lovely smoked flavour on a gas barbecue or smaller charcoal barbecue? A smoker box is the best way to achieve this, with either wood chips, dust or pellets. Soak the wood chips over night and then place them in the smoker box to one side of the grill or next to the charcoal on one side. The Selection smoker box from Landmann is made from quality stainless steel with sturdy handles, ensure you use barbecue mittens or gloves when moving the smoker box as it will be hot.

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