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About Us

Who is this LANDMANN anyway?

The founder of today's traditional brand really existed! His full name was Hermann Landmann. Hermann, and his business partner Bernd Hockemeyer, had a keen sense in 1966 and brought the first grill from Canada to Germany, and their vision of a successful business bore fruit or flesh. The trend continues to this day and is developing more and more potential - From the beginnings with charcoal, there are now various smokers, high-temperature grills - also known as vertical grills - smoking ovens, the popular kamado or ceramic grill for long jobs, sustainable electric or pellet grills and, from the now classic gas grill cart, modular built-in devices for self-assembly and design. There’s a LANDMANN grill that’s perfect for everyone and anyone.


Our roots

LANDMANN made history with the nostalgic "gas station grills". A three-legged round grill that could be screwed together quickly, which was literally available to buy at every petrol station. The compact LANDMANN went with you on trips and was practically for everyone, ready for use anywhere, anytime. The iconic tripod sold 1.5 million times a year at peak times. We are proud of our tradition and of the fact that we were the first company to bring grill appliances to the German market on a large scale.


What does LANDMANN stand for?

Experience special moments every day with LANDMANN: through good food and a good time with family or friends. Because grilling can be so easy, with grills that turn our everyday life into an experience. Practical, quick and uncomplicated - because it doesn't always have to be time-consuming or laborious. And to grill you don't have to wait for the special occasion. Grilling is always possible.

Our credo: we want to offer innovative products of high quality at a fair price for every type of grill!


Our vision

We want to make barbecuing easier for everyone. We work on new ideas every day and change our products in a forward-looking manner. We want to make our devices even more practical and easier to use for you. So that barbecuing is not “just” an occasion - it is an integral part of meal times. For more enjoyment in everyday life. It is our goal to develop the products in such a way that they arouse emotions in every single one and immediately make you want to grill. The most popular grill brand for everyone.