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LANDMANN has suspended trading in the UK and is unable to take any further orders. If you need spare parts navigate to the spare parts section and find your BBQ. If you have placed an order and need help, please email

Caliano 1.0 Gas Pizza Oven


Caliano 2.0 Gas BBQ with Pizza Oven



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Make every moment special

Super BBQ

"Super speedy delivery and excellent quality bbq. The rexon 4.1 looks and cooks superbly. Really pleased with my purchase.

Assemble was easy, did it my own in less than 1 hour. Build quality is excellent!!"

-Paul Doleman

Great price

"Great price. Great delivery and a fantastic BBQ. Has many BBQs and these are the best."



"What great customer service! Second to none service.
I had received an item via the courier from LANDMANN and the box got damaged in transit. As the item was a gift I contacted LANDMANN.
LANDMANN immediately responded and had now sent another item to replace."


Prompt delivery and tracking

"Prompt delivery and tracking
Very well packaged
Clear instructions
Haven't tested it yet but ignition works"


Simply enjoy barbecuing and being outdoors with LANDMANN

Whether you’re new to the world of barbecuing or are already used to fire and flames: LANDMANN will provide you with the barbecue equipment and lots more that you need to enjoy cosy, sociable gatherings with friends and family. Rest assured: You’ll achieve the best barbecue results in no time using our products. This is because we pay as much attention to making sure they’re easy to use as we do to their excellent finish with high-quality materials. These are qualities that also apply to the other items in our range. Talking of range: We want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose. Our Barbecue Finder will show you which models fit your aspirations.

The right barbecue equipment for every day

You don’t need a special occasion to forget about the stresses of daily life by enjoying a barbecue. And as we know people have different tastes, we offer you plenty of choice when it comes to the type of barbecue. Do you love the crackle of glowing charcoal, perhaps you prefer the precision of a modern gas barbecue, or are you looking for a compact electric barbecue? Maybe you’re best suited to a portable barbecue for use on the go or a model for a large gathering might be just perfect? Whatever your wish may be: The extensive range of products from LANDMANN will make it come true. This does of course also include high-quality accessories ranging from barbecue tongs to a weatherproof cover.

Decorative fires that keep you warm

Do you have your own patio or garden and like to spend time outdoors even in cooler weather? True to our motto HOME OF FIRE, we don’t just offer barbecue equipment: You’ll find that LANDMANN also provides heat solutions that create a real sense of cosiness and a lovely vibe all round. For example, you can snuggle around one of our fire pits outdoors. The sight of the flames blazing away generates a warm atmosphere that invites you to linger. The products are also very safe because the proven designs prevent any flying sparks. At the same time, the fires make an excellent garden decoration – for your next barbecue, for example.

All your barbecue needs: LANDMANN online shop

This is the best place to start! You can purchase your new barbecue equipment conveniently from us online. We will supply you with your new barbecue equipment and all other products relating to fire, warmth and heat. As a long-established brand that brought the first barbecue to Germany in 1966, we really value top-class service. This is why if there’s a problem you will find an extensive range of spare parts in our online shop to make sure your barbecue continues to give you lots of enjoyment for many years to come. Immerse yourself in the world of barbecuing right now and discover what LANDMANN has to offer.