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Your appetite, your decision, your barbecue: Whether you prefer to barbecue using gas, charcoal, pellets or electric – here you will find the perfect barbecue to suit you.

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LANDMANN barbecues: Tradition plus progress

Journey back in time to 1966: It was more than five decades ago that LANDMANN brought the first barbecue to Germany. But the company’s long history is no reason for us to rest on our laurels: We have continued to develop our products ever since. The goal is to make the most original of all the forms of cooking as simple and straightforward as possible. With our barbecues, high-quality materials and excellent workmanship combine with modern features to deliver the very best barbecue results. This allows you to concentrate on what matters: Barbecuing and enjoying good food. For example juicy steaks, delicious fish or grilled vegetables. And this doesn’t just have to be a few times a year on special occasions, but whenever you fancy it. LANDMANN barbecues provide you with the equipment you need to host a spontaneous evening with the neighbours and also a large barbecue.

A range of barbecues for every aspiration

We know that individuals have different aspirations when it comes to the perfect barbecue. This is why our range covers the full spectrum of different types of barbecue. The best-selling products in our range include high-quality gas barbecues with two to six powerful burners. They supply the optimum temperature to create delicious roast flavours. And when you use wood chips, you can give meat etc. a prized hint of smokiness. Or does cooking over glowing charcoal get your pulse racing? LANDMANN offers the popular large kettle barbecues from the Kepler range for your patio at home alongside portable barbecues. For those who love an original American BBQ, we offer high-quality smokers. The cooking and smoking here is done mainly using indirect heat. Electric barbecues complete the range: They offer a particularly convenient and clean way to barbecue – even on a table.

Robust barbecues with innovative features

Whether you opt for gas, charcoal or electric: All our barbecues are noted for having a design that is robust, durable and yet innovative at the same time. For example, we mainly use enamelled cast-iron racks for our barbecues. They offer all the advantages of the traditional material, but are corrosion-resistant. Our gas barbecues conceal a whole host of advanced features. These include LANDMANN’s exclusive PTS system in the corresponding models from the Rexon and Triton series: The “Power Thermal Spreading” ensures even heat distribution. Talking of heat: Some gas barbecues feature the integrated maxX zone. This ultra-hot infrared side burner allows you to conjure up steaks with a particularly crispy crust that are perfectly cooked. And we’ve even thought of the little but subtle details: Features such as removable grease trays and folding side tables add the finishing touch to our barbecues.

Barbecues for any budget from LANDMANN

Before we forget to mention it: Fair pricing is another part of our brand philosophy. Even our top-of-the-range devices offer good value for money – and first-time barbecuers will find we offer the right barbecue to get started. With the most essential features, but without compromising on quality and suitability for everyday use. Durable stainless steel racks, enamelled fire bowls and lids, and thermometers to monitor the temperature are just some of the quality features we offer. And if you want to expand the options for your barbecue, you can also buy an array of accessories in our online shop. They range from a pizza stone set to a vegetable basket that allows you to cook chopped vegetables directly over the flames. Whatever your wishes might be: LANDMANN is your reliable expert in barbecues and accessories. Be inspired by our extensive range – and delve into the fascinating world of barbecuing!