The Rexon barbecue is the perfect choice as a first step into the world of LANDMANN gas barbecues. It is made of robust, durable material and offers you plenty of extras to spice up your barbecues. For example, you don’t just have to grill but can also cook on it and therefore experiment, diversify and serve even more dishes.


Just grill!

Whether you want to prepare meat, fish or side dishes: There’s no need to wait with the LANDMANN Rexon gas barbecue because it fires up at the touch of a button and satisfies any hunger.

The benefits of the Rexon gas barbecue

As a gas barbecue, the Rexon produces no smoke or fumes. This means it quickly gets up to operating temperature. And you can choose whether your Rexon barbecue should have three or four stainless steel burners. Three burners are suitable for example for four to six people, and four burners allow you to cater for more than six people.

The Rexon with cook zone

Just like the Triton, the Rexon gas barbecue can also be equipped with an integrated cooK zone. This is a recessed side burner with 3 kW of power that you can use to prepare side dishes, sauces etc. Instead of constantly running to the kitchen, you can simply cook everything directly on the barbecue, which is a lot less effort.

What your Rexon can actually do

One of the many benefits of the Rexon gas barbecue is that it does not require a long time to preheat and you can control the heat really well using the burners. The thermometer in the lid constantly tells you the temperature of the food you’re cooking. If it is too high or too low, you can adjust it with the amount of gas. This might be a bit fiddly at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it with a little practice. You can then quickly and easily conjure up the juiciest steaks, burgers, fish, vegetable sides and other delicacies on the Rexon gas barbecue. And as there’s no ash like you get with a charcoal barbecue, the Rexon barbecue is also really easy to clean after use.

The battery-free piezo ignition on the Rexon barbecue

The Rexon gas barbecue from LANDMANN is equipped with a battery-free piezo ignition. This sounds fairly impressive, but what exactly does it mean? A piezo ignition is a technology for safely lighting the gas flame of the Rexon barbecue. It is based on what is known as the piezoelectric effect, which was discovered by the French brothers Jacques and Pierre Curie at the end of the 19th century. Polarisation of two metal contacts produces an electric voltage which is discharged with a spark. It is this very spark that lights your Rexon gas barbecue and cooks whatever you place on the grill rack. Simply press down the corresponding ignition button and off you go!

Switch sides: the cooK zone on the Rexon barbecue

You can choose between three or four main stainless steel burners on your Rexon gas barbecue to establish different grilling zones. This allows you to vary the types of food you cook and also feed more people. But that’s not all because in combination with the side burner, known as the cooK zone, you can even prepare a full menu. The cooK zone is located outside the actual barbecue, at the side of the Rexon. The temperature can be infinitely adjusted. So while you’re grilling the main dish, at the same time you can prepare delicious soups, sauces, steamed rice, mashed potato or vegetable side dishes on the side burner. The menu is rounded off with puddings such as pancakes or chocolate desserts – also fresh off the Rexon side burner.

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