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Article: Burger Benedict Recipe

Burger Benedict Recipe

Burger Benedict Recipe

Courtesy of 0815BBQ

What happens when you combine the staple breakfast of millennials everywhere with everyone's favourite barbeque classic? You get the Benedict Burger, of course!

We're using our friend Markus Kaufer's recipe - you can find him over at @0815bbq - and we're quite literally drooling at the chops.

 Follow along with the recipe below and his Youtube video here


2 burger patties 

2 brioche buns 

200 ml hollandaise sauce 

60 g rocket 

2-3 slices of Black Forest ham 

2 eggs 

1 l of water 

6-8 tbsp vinegar



  1. Pre-heat your grill to a medium/high setting, and prep your buns. Slice them in two - unless you already bought them pre-sliced. You're already a step ahead if you did that.
  2. For the hollandaise, you can, of course, make fresh - there are some great results for that on Google. We recommend, given the amount, just using a store-bought packet. Pour the sauce into a pan and heat it if it's store-bought. 
  3. Fill a small pan with boiling water, and put on the grill/heat.
  4. Start grilling your patties. Feeling professional? Why not try our burger press and get the perfect thickness and even cook throughout.
  5. Crack an egg, and poach it in the pan. A quick tip: Putting the egg in a ladle and lowering it into the water is far easier to poach. 
  6. Place the two halves of your buns on the grill to toast them lightly as everything else is cooking.



  1. Add a dollop of your hollandaise sauce to the bottom half of your bap and spread evenly. Add a small handful of rocket on top of that.
  2. Pop your burger pattie on top, and add some more hollandaise sauce.
  3. Add your smoked ham for some salty goodness, and then the poached egg on top.
  4. Garnish the top of your egg with even more sauce - because who doesn't love hollandaise - and pop on the top of your bun.


There you have it. Dig in and enjoy the perfect mix of breakfast and dinner!

Tag us in your creations at @landmannbbquk on Insta - and let us know what you think.

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