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Barbecue recipes in the UK: What gets cooked most on the barbecue?

Particularly when the weather is sunny and temperatures are nice and warm, what many people claim really is true: Having a barbecue is a British person's favourite hobby. And in actual fact, if you take a look around in summer, you’ll see almost everyone barbecuing or smoking food in gardens and on patios. People smell the most delightful aromas wafting from everywhere and they ask themselves what’s cooking on the barbecue that smells so great. The answer is generally: Meat! For the majority of Britons can’t imagine a barbecue without steaks, kebabs and sausages. We’ve put together for you both hearty ideas for a barbecue full of calories and a few healthy barbecue recipes that are just as delicious, juicy and irresistible – so you can add even more variety to your next barbecue.

Well preserved: It all starts with the marinade

What would a really great chunk of meat be like without a delicious marinade? It not only spices up the flavour, but also ensures that your meat does not dry out and stays nice and juicy on the barbecue. The two basic ingredients for any marinade are salt and oil. The salt draws the juices from the meat and then, together with the flavours from the marinade, they are reabsorbed. In addition, salt rearranges the protein structures in the meat to create gaps which are then filled with moisture and make the meat even more succulent. Oil boosts the flavour of any marinade and is a real “must” – for most herbs and spices in the marinade only release their flavour once they’re in oil. In addition to herbs such as rosemary and thyme, other popular ingredients used in marinade recipes include soy sauce, which enhances the flavour of the meat, and honey, which produces a delicious crust. Important tips for any barbecue recipe involving marinating: Turn the meat on all sides and cool it well. Depending on the type of meat, allow it to marinate for approx. 2 hours (chicken) to 5 hours (neck steak).

Barbecue sides: A garnish for any fine piece of meat

Serving the right side dishes adds the finishing touch to a barbecue. All types of salads are the classic choice and feature in any good collection of barbecue recipes. Whether you opt for a green salad, traditional pasta or unusual potato salad - this cold side to accompany your barbecue is very easy to prepare and take with you. Green salads should be mixed with a dressing just prior to serving to give them a kick. On the other hand, potato or pasta salads can be left for a number of hours to make them taste even better. If you want even more unusual ideas and fancy savouring great flavours, try a recipe for marinated vegetables, homemade bread or spiced dips.

Clever barbecue idea: Your recipe for a fantastic barbecue evening

Whether it's a spontaneous or planned occasion, a few things need to be done in advance or skilfully delegated to enjoy a convivial barbecue: Check if you have enough gas or charcoal for your barbecue. Chill the drinks and prepare ice cubes. In contrast to a green salad, pasta and potato salads can be prepared a good day in advance or just get your friends to bring them. Herb butter can also be made in advance and small portions of it can be frozen. Ideally you should prepare and chill kebabs etc. a few hours before you want to grill them. Then you can start feasting on all the different barbecue recipes – we hope you enjoy them!

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