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Article: Top 6 ways to make your bank holiday memorable

Top 6 ways to make your bank holiday memorable

Top 6 ways to make your bank holiday memorable

As the bank holiday approaches, many of us are looking forward to spending time with family and friends and enjoying some delicious food. As a BBQ company, we know that hosting a great BBQ is the perfect way to make your bank holiday memorable. Here are some tips to help you plan a bank holiday BBQ that your guests will never forget.

1. Choose a Theme: Having a themed BBQ is a fun way to make your bank holiday BBQ stand out. You could choose a specific cuisine to base your menu around, like Texas BBQ or Korean BBQ. Or, you could opt for a fun and festive theme like a Sport Themed BBQ or a beach party.

2. Plan Your Menu: A great BBQ always starts with great food. Plan your menu well in advance and consider offering a variety of dishes to suit all tastes. You could serve up classic BBQ fare like burgers and hot dogs, or get more adventurous with dishes like grilled seafood or vegetable kebabs.

3. Set the Scene: Creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere is key to making your bank holiday BBQ memorable. Decorate your outdoor space with fun and colorful decorations like bunting, balloons, and lanterns. Consider setting up comfortable seating areas for your guests, and don't forget to provide plenty of shade if it's a sunny day.

4. Offer Refreshing Drinks: Nothing beats a cold drink on a hot day, so make sure to offer a variety of beverages at your BBQ. From classic lemonade and iced tea to beer, wine, and cocktails, there are plenty of options to suit all tastes.

5. Keep Guests Entertained: Make sure to have plenty of activities and games to keep your guests entertained throughout the day. Set up a game such as frisbee, or organize a friendly game of touch football. If you're hosting a family BBQ, consider setting up a designated play area for kids with toys and games.

6. Choose the right products: Picking from a variety of options in Charcoal, Gas, Electric BBQs and outdoor heating of all shapes and sizes, ideal for grilling up some burgers or charring your favourite kebabs to perfection this long weekend. 

So, whether you’re the King of the BBQ or a novice on the grill, LANDMANN has got you covered. See here the top picks for levelling up your BBQ cooking this bank holiday below. 

LANDMANN Caliano cooK 6.1 Gas BBQ with Pizza Oven 


A BBQ with a built-in pizza oven? It doesn’t get more bank holiday than that!

Perfect for those hosting big groups or wanting to impress guests, the LANDMANN Caliano cooK 6.1 Gas BBQ with Pizza Oven will definitely impress even the fussiest of foodies with crispy, freshly baked pizzas and is a real stand-out piece to get your guests talking. 

Pizzas are cooked on a stone base for a traditional pizza oven cook and can be ready in as quick as 6 minutes . Creating your own pizzas at home and getting creative with toppings also makes for a fun activity to do together as a family!

Just like a gas stove it uses 6 gas burners that are able to cook different food at different temperatures at once, which is great for the full-scale BBQ-ers and big get-togethers in the sun.

Big LANDMANN Kamado Large - Grey


The iconic and stylish Kamado BBQ is the perfect garden party centrepiece for both the barbecue lovers and home interiors fanatics.

Regardless of cooking ability this is the most stylish and efficient addition to any outdoor kitchen. 

Come rain or shine, this BBQ can be used as a grill, for pizzas, as an oven or even as a smoker by placing beer or fruit soaked wood chips in the bottom of the grill and lighting with an electric igniter.

The usability and cooking potential of this barbecue matches its impressive appearance, using high-grade ceramic that insulate unfluctuating heats of up to 400℃.

The Big LANDMANN Kamado is also remarkable at maintaining a low temperature of 100°C for low and slow-cooking and smoking meat for up to 16 hours. This process uses dense charcoal, smoking wood and the grills specially designed vents to cook meat to an incredibly tender and juicy potential with an unrivalled aromatic taste that is guaranteed to impress all your guests.

Piccolino Portable Charcoal BBQ 

The striking and adorable Piccolino is a fun addition to any alfresco dining occasion and, at under £70, it's a steal!

Portable and compact, it’s ideal for on-the-go outdoor adventures or maybe heading to the park with some friends this bank holiday. The 34cm stainless steel cooking grill, warming rack, lid ventilation disc and included tongs, provides grillers with everything they need to cook a delicious meal. 

What’s more, the rubberised lid clips provide easy transportation, simply grab and go to take the fun of a BBQ with you - just don’t forget the charcoal!

The LANDMANN Kamado Mini 

Small but mighty, the LANDMANN Kamado Mini is guaranteed to pack a punch this bank holiday weekend. With its iconic and smokey charcoal flavour, all your meats and vegetables won't be around for long.

LANDMANN Kamado BBQs are always versatile and able to BBQ, smoke and even oven cook food to perfection. Its smaller size also makes it the ideal portable BBQ to cook exceptional food out in the summer sun!   

 Thanks to the high-grade ceramic that LANDMANN Kamado BBQs are made from, the BBQ is able to insulate and concentrate impressive heats by circulating hot air in uniform around the egg-like shape. This also means that limited charcoal is needed to produce high temperatures, making set up even easier.

Sleek in its grey colour, this mini Kamado BBQ will suit any garden and is the easiest way to  achieve the most on trend BBQ of the season and get tongues wagging this bank holiday.

LANDMANN E-Grill Trolley BBQ

Ready to BBQ at any moment, the LANDMANN E-Grill Trolley BBQ creates high temperatures in an instant. Ready to use straight away and ideal for those who like to entertain, it makes the perfect partner for a foodie bank holiday! 

What is really handy about this E-Grill trolley BBQ is that it requires no gas tank meaning you’ll never have to re-buy gas and makes it slim lined for smaller outdoor spaces! Electric BBQs also produce much less smoke for BBQ cooking without the interruption from unpleasant smells.

Vinson Smokers


For the foodies looking for added smoky flavour to a tasty bank holiday burger, LANDMANN has developed the 4-in-1 Vinson Smokers in 117cm, 128cm and 142cm widths.

Smoking is perfect for cooking food to a naturally sweet, aromatic flavour and maintaining moisture in meats and vegetables for extra tender cooks.

This cooker combines American BBQing, smoking, indirect and direct grilling into one outdoor cooker: fit for smoking in any weather - perfect for if the notorious British weather leaves us soggy this bank holiday! 


By following these tips, you can make your bank holiday BBQ a fun and memorable experience for all. So fire up the grill, gather your loved ones, and enjoy a day of great food, drinks, and company!

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