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Article: The perfect Bonfire Night

The perfect Bonfire Night

The perfect Bonfire Night

A crackling fire, some sparklers sparklin', and fireworks lighting up the sky. Who doesn't love Bonfire Night?
We've put together a list of some of our favourite products and other bits you might need to have the ultimate Bonfire Night garden party, so get planning.

The ball of fire 

For maximum vibes...

The perfect centrepiece for any garden gathering, we love the Landmann Ball of Fire. A sphere of roaring fire with an all-over safety grill to prevent flying sparks from hitting the decking or your patio furniture. 
Plus, with a handy pivoting door, open her up and get the marshmallows toasting. Delicious!



The Landmann Chiminea

 Tradition, reimagined.

Thousands of years ago, the Mayans invented the first clay chimineas to protect their fires and keep themselves warm.
Nowadays, our Corten Steel chiminea does just that whilst creating a focal point on the patio or terrace with its stylish rust effect. Add fairy lights, a group of friends and some grown-up hot chocolate - see below - for the perfect evening outdoors.



To drink?

You can't beat a hot choc... 

Either melt the chocolate in a pan and stir in milk (or a dairy alternative of your choice) - the traditional way - or use a powder mix for speed.
Crown with plenty of whipped cream and marshmallows and your treat is assured, just in time for the fireworks. 
For the grown-ups, why not add a tot of Irish cream or Kahlúa - fun for all ages! 

S'more, s'more, s'more

A bonfire night staple.

Take a look at these spins on the staple s'more. Yes, biscuits, chocolate, and ooey-gooey marshmallow are all well and good, but let's spice it up.
Some skewers will probably come in handy for your marshmallows, so why not take a look at these?

The Elvis one

Based on one of the King's favourite meals.

• Plain digestives

• Sliced banana

• Fire-roasted marshmallow

• Peanut butter


The Black Forest one

A touch of luxury.

• Chocolate digestives

• Cherry jam

• Lindt Cherry Intense Dark Chocolate

• Fire-roasted marshmallow


The S'moreo one

Talk about a sugar rush!

• Oreos

• Dark/Milk Chocolate

• Fire-roasted marshmallow

Grab your scarves and sparklers, and let's have some fun... 

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