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Article: Our top tips for BBQ'ing in the winter

Our top tips for BBQ'ing in the winter

Our top tips for BBQ'ing in the winter

Just because it's winter, well, that doesn't mean the BBQ has to go away until next year. With these helpful hints, you'll be out there grilling again in no time, and you'll know how you can use it the whole year.

So here are our top tips for successful barbecuing in winter:

1. Never barbecue inside your garage, under cover, or an awning. 

If you're going to do it, for safety's sake commit to it. No matter the weather, BBQs aren't safe for inside, or under cover - all that heat has to go somewhere. Get wrapped up warm, and get to cooking. That leads us on to point two...

2. Wrap up warm. Stay outside only as long as you need to.

Do your prep ahead of time in the kitchen. Skin your prawns, cut your chicken, chop your veggies in the warm, and then make sure you're all wrapped up nice and snug when you go outside. Thanks to Landmann's heat retention technology, you don't even have to stand outside and keep tabs on the temperature. So set a timer and get back inside. Your hands will thank you!

3. Stock up on fuel.

You may need to add some time for your BBQ to heat up, and some time for cooking just because of the extra work your grill is going to be doing compared to summer. Patience is probably key here too - add an extra 5-10 minutes to how ever long you expect something to cook. It's chilly.

4. Keep your BBQ covered when not in use.

You want to protect your investment, right? Check out our range of Landmann covers, in case you haven't already, and ensure your grill lasts the winter and is ready and roaring to go next summer. 

5. Cook with the lid closed.

This one's pretty self explanatory, but we have to add it in. The more you open your grill to check on the food, the longer it's going to take. The lids of our grills are made of high-quality, heat-maintaining materials that act like an oven when closed, circulating the heat around your delicious food.

6. Trust the process.

Again, a fairly obvious one but people forget this. We design our grills, and test them heavily, to ensure they can work and grill through a whole multitude of conditions. Your grill is made to cook in the winter just as efficiently as it does in the summer, so let's make winter barbecues a thing


No matter how you're cooking this winter, we hope these tips prove that you don't have to pack the BBQ away to get the same delicious tastes.

It might take some convincing, but you don't have to eat the food outside. That would be crazy... 

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