With the practical Modulus Cooking System from LANDMANN, you can configure your grill surface exactly as you need it - e.g. for small grilled food, a pizza or the wok. Simply insert the appropriate module and you can get started. Thanks to the coordinated modular system, everything fits together perfectly and can be exchanged quickly and easily.

Modulus: Simple modular system, lots of possible uses

The Modulus grill rack system is a practical modular system that allows you to configure your grill plate individually – to suit your current need. You simply remove the round middle section of the original grill rack system and replace it with one of the other four modules which are available separately. Fancy grilling some shrimps without the delicious little creatures dropping through the grill rack? Then all you need to do is use the Modulus grill plate and insert it in the grill rack. The solid cast-iron grill plate has a smooth front side and a ridged back. So depending on which side you choose, you can cook small items such as seafood, vegetables, bacon or even fried eggs.

Even more options for customising your barbecue with the Modulus grill rack system

Feel more like having a pizza? Then the cordierite pizza stone is perfect for producing a lovely crust. You can also just insert this into the grill rack. Or would you rather have some Asian vegetables? Not a problem because the wok can also be integrated perfectly within the Modulus grill rack. The same is true of the fourth module, the barbecue skewer set. You can use these to prepare delicious meat, fish or vegetable kebabs. For thanks to the round barbecue skewer attachment, the five stainless skewers rotate fully 360°. The stainless steel ring on the attachment ensures that the food being barbecued never touches the grill rack so nothing will ever stick and burn.

Other benefits of the Modulus grill rack system

The LANDMANN Modulus grill rack system made of enamelled, heavy cast iron is an extremely flexible cooking system that produces perfect results on the barbecue. For a grill surface that adapts to your wishes and can be modified as you see fit is not that easy to find. By the way, the cast iron means you can use the Modulus grill rack system to produce fabulous barbecue branding on your meat. In addition, it goes without saying that a matching grill rack lifter for conveniently lifting up and swapping the modules is included – after all, the process of swapping should be as easy and straightforward as possible. And so should the cleaning afterwards: The Modulus system can be separated into three individual parts so you can clean it quickly and easily after use.

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